Uncontested Divorce  |  Annulment  |  Separation Agreement

    When a marriage comes to an end, a divorce can end your marriage in law.  A divorce application is filed with the Family Court and granted where both parties agree, have met the period of separation, and/or meet the requirements under the Divorce Act.  If in the course of separation, you want to come to an agreement about shared property, or custody and access of children, a separation agreement can outline the specific terms and agreements.  

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    Custody, Access & Support

    Child Custody and Access  |  Child Support  |  Spousal Support

    It is important to protect the interests of your children when you and your spouse separate.  Applications for custody and access as well as support can be made through the court where spouses have a difficult time coming to an agreement on their own.

    The Province of Ontario sets out guidelines for the amounts of support a spouse can receive for their child or children.  These guidelines provide a starting point for parents to understand how much financial support their children are entitled to.

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